Teeth Whitening: Professional vs. Spa Services


Salons, spas and independent esthetician’s have begun offering ‘professional’ teeth whitening services for their clients. These services come with a laundry list of risks and harmful techniques that could damage the clients smile for years to come.

Non-dental professionals providing these services claim to be using ‘certified’ products that will give promising results and not cause any damage to your teeth, but how true are those claims?

As dental professionals we seek to provide the up most care and quality to our patients oral health, and when it comes to using products that are directly in contact with your teeth and gums precaution and technique is necessary.


Non-dental professionals are using products that are not certified by the ADA for quality ingredients or risk factors, meaning these products put the patient at a higher risk of adverse side effects and post treatment complications.

They also use products that are significantly lesser quality than what is used in the dental office. Dentists and hygienists are certified to use products with higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide (10% or higher), if a non-dental professional is using a product with a higher concentration they are adhering to regulations put into place by health agencies.

Dental professionals use products certified by the ADA and FDA for use. These products have been tested, regulated and clinically reviewed for safe use and treatment on patients. There are little to no side effects that come from using these products and professionals have been trained on how to use them properly.


Services administered by non-dental professionals are sub-par to what you would receive in a dental office. Their techniques are taught through certifications that are easily attainable and have little requirements for passing. There is no dental background knowledge and no accredited certification given by the dental association when they receive their training.

With a lack of training, patients are more prone to gum sensitivity, damage to soft tissue and oral burns. This is why there are a significant amount of states that still do not lawfully allow non-licensed dental professionals to administer whitening services to clients.

Dental offices are also committed to at home/post treatment care, providing the patient with supplies to prolong results and keep teeth feeling strong and healthy.

To learn more about professional, licensed teeth whitening services head over to our Zoom Whitening page. It is important to be educated about the beauty modifications we elect to do. When in doubt, leave it to the professionals!