What is Galileos 3D X-ray imaging?

Galileo's 3D X-Ray

The Galileos 3D X-ray is a machine that displays a perfect image which allows proper diagnosis and prognosis. This machine allows an incredible view of the oral cavity. In just fourteen seconds, the scan will allow over 200 individual exposures that give an in-depth look at the patient’s teeth, structure and other important dental factors.

What are the benefits?


This system provides all the analytical help we need to improve your smile. It provides vantage points other X-ray technology does not have.

Efficient and healthy

This technological advancement is so efficient that you will not even realize when the X-ray was taken. There are low levels of radiation, making it healthier.

Accurate diagnosis

The 3D image allows us to perform needed treatment efficiently and quickly. There is also much more data offered to allow proper diagnosis in a quick manner.

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We believe we can offer the best dental experience possible. Dr. Sutter strives to constantly update his dental knowledge and to offer his patients the most efficient and effective treatment. We want to offer you our expertise to achieve your dream smile.

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