CEREC Restorations

Cerec digital dentistry is a technological advancement that allows the first, single-trip dental restoration. This technological advancement was made by Sirona Dental Systems. Cerec is an all-ceramic dental crown made to be placed into the patient’s oral cavity to replace the missing or damaged parts. This is a great option if you are looking for something quick and effective.

What are the benefits?

The procedure itself is a one quick dental appointment. This means that you can come in our clinic and improve your smile with less time spent at our clinic and more time showing off that beautiful smile.

Long-lasting results

CEREC Digital Dentistry

Cerec is very durable and its aesthetics are adapted to make the restoration look as natural as possible.

Healthy option

Cerec is a healthier option than other restoration techniques. Cerec uses all ceramic to make the restoration durable and compatible with your teeth.

Why choose Smile Institute as your dentist?

Dr. Smith believes in offering comprehensive dental care. That is why our office is equipped with the latest and newest dental equipment. He was one of the first to use Cerec digital dentistry in Lane County. Dr. Smith makes it a priority to be knowledgeable on all the new technological advances to provide the best care possible.

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