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FAQ Coronavirus & Dentistry

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions As of May 1, 2020 Gov. Kate Brown allowed a lift on all non-urgent procedures in medical and dental offices. This means we are able to start seeing patients with limited hours and certain precautions taken. The OHA and ADA have put into place a framework for offices to follow during… Read more »

Why Smiles Matter

Smiling is the easiest way of grabbing attention from a person. Whether it’s someone you are familiar with or a stranger, smiling can help you create a positive first impression. This helps keep the other person engaged in conversation with you. Smiles can be enhanced with a proper dental hygiene routine and cosmetic dentistry. All… Read more »

Ways Dentists Can Reduce Office Waste

Ways Dentists can Reduce Office Waste There are many aspects of a dental office that can lead to a significant source of waste and ultimately pollute our environment. While certain measures are in place to protect from biological hazards, there are other ways that dentists, like Smile Institute, can help reduce the amount of waste… Read more »