Dental Exams in Eugene

A dental exam is a routine checkup following a dental hygiene appointment or for determining the cause of pain and concerns.

What can I expect?

Prior to the exam, X-rays may be taken to detect any dental problems not visible to the naked eye, such as cavities between teeth. The FDA recommends that adults take a full set of X-rays every 2-3 years.

We will visually examine your mouth for signs of tooth decay, gum disease and any current problems. We will also determine your risk for future oral conditions, such as abnormalities in the soft tissues and areas surrounding your jaw to check for symptoms of oral cancer.

Once your dental examination is complete, we will make a diagnosis and explore treatment options with you. If needed, you may be referred to a specialist. If no problems are detected, you’ll schedule your next six-month checkup. All together, your dental exam should only take about an hour and most people can resume normal daily activities immediately upon leaving the dental office.

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