Patient Education

We believe that patient education is an integral part of our partnership with you; patients need to know when, how and why they need to make a lifestyle change. Group effort is equally important; each member of the patient’s healthcare team needs to be involved.

Reasons why we value patient education

  • Improved understanding of medical conditions, diagnosis, disease or disability
  • Improved understanding of methods and means to manage multiple aspects of a medical condition
  • Improved self-advocacy in deciding to act both independently from medical providers and in interdependence with them
  • Increased compliance: Effective communication and patient education increases patient motivation to comply
  • Patient outcomes: Patients are more likely to respond well to their treatment plan with fewer complications
  • Informed consent: Patients feel that they have been provided with the information they need
  • Utilization: More effective use of medical services and fewer unnecessary phone calls and visits
  • Satisfaction and referrals: Patients are more likely to stay with one practice and refer other patients
  • Risk management: Lower risk of malpractice when patients have realistic expectations

Educational videos

Take a look at these videos below to learn more about technology and tools we use: