Insurance and Financing

At the Smile Institute we do not want money to be an issue for our patients. We want you to always feel comfortable, and that includes feeling satisfied with your financial arrangement regarding your dental care. We offer 3 types of financial arrangements for out of pocket expenses:

  • An immediate 5% discount will be given when the fee is paid in full at the time of scheduling or the day treatment is rendered, if you pay with cash or check.
  • Payment to be made by Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX the day treatment is rendered.
  • CareCredit will be financing any treatment over 1,000.00, pending approval.


Eligibility and benefits will be verified before treatment is rendered, and an estimate will be given for any out of pocket cost. The responsible party will need to take care of any services not covered by insurance the day treatment is rendered.

  • Please note there is a 90 day window to pay for balances before account is considered past due
  • Treatment estimates are based upon insurance coverage and


This warranty is contingent upon me abiding by the recommended examination, x-rays and dental cleaning visits. This warranty does not cover any cost for dental work done outside of the Smile Institute.

  • First year 100%
  • Second year 50%
  • Third year and forward: Full fee will be in effect
Insurance and Financing

For any further questions regarding insurance or financing, please do not hesitate to contact us.