How Important is Flossing?

Importance of flossing and inter-dental care

To most, flossing is one of the most tedious parts of oral hygiene – but it is also one of the most beneficial for preventative home care. At the Smile Institute we emphasize the importance of flossing daily, as it is essential to maintaining good oral heath.


Knowing the essentials

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), flossing between teeth removes plaque that can lead to tooth decay or gum disease. Floss or other inter-dental cleaners, removes tough plaque that regular brushing can’t. Removing this excess plaque helps prevent any future build-ups around teeth.

Plaque has more than 500 species of bacteria (both good and bad), thus why removing food debris between teeth is key to avoiding infection. If food debris or other components are left between teeth plaque will start to for around the tooth causing decay.

Knowing proper inter-dental cleaning techniques can be tricky, for that reason we suggest you ask our hygienist or Dr. Sutter on proper us of tools. Everyday floss can do the trick, but we also recommend these for a more effective cleaning:


For more information on how you can stay proactive on your oral hygiene give our office a call today to schedule an exam with Debbi.