Dental Care While Traveling

Dental Care While Traveling

Dental Care Tips for Travelers

Maintaining proper dental care, especially while traveling, can be difficult. Who’s really thinking about flossing and picking while traveling abroad or out on a 10-day hike?

Well here’s some tips & tricks to staying prevention oriented while enjoying your summer adventures

Pack Properly: Everyone’s favorite part of travel, packing. Within your toiletry bag, you should make sure you have these essentials for maintain proper oral hygiene on the road:

  • The Big Three: Toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss.
  • A travel container for your toothbrush – It should be large enough to provide air circulation. Don’t use a case that holds your brush tightly, and make sure that the container has holes for drainage and ventilation.
  • Reusable Toothpick – By having the proper tools, your are preparing yourself for success. By keeping one of these reusable toothpicks with you on your travels, you will be more likely to maintain (or form) a routine picking habit. Which your gums will applaud you for.

Dry Out Your Toothbrush: A common occurrence found among 1/3 of travelers is that they do not routinely clean their toothbrush cases, which makes your toothbrush prone to a multitude of bacteria. If you can, take your toothbrush out of its travel case as soon as you reach your destination. Standing your brush upright in a cup will allow the water to drain away from the bristles. If you’re travelling by car, you might let your brush air out on the dash. Just remember: Take your toothbrush out of its travel container as soon as you get home.

Water Break = Rise Break: There are many opportunities where you can make it easier to practice good dental care while traveling. When you make those inevitable pit stops, bring your travel toothbrush or pick with you and give your teeth a quick brush and rinse. Every effort you make to keep your teeth clean helps, so even if you’re stopping for a quick water break, take a nice big swig and rinse that bacteria out.

Eat Healthy Snacks: Sugary treats are a bad idea anytime, but definitely when you’re traveling. Instead of sugary treats, choose healthy snacks that are better for your health and your teeth. Bring a light snack like baby carrots or nuts, instead of picking up junk at a pit stop. If you’re planning to travel with kids, cut up fruits and veggies into sticks for easy snacking. Skip the convenience of boxed fruit juices, which can contribute to tooth decay, and opt for water instead.