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Dental Care During Pregnancy

A mother’s dental health is a pretty accurate predictor of the newborn’s oral health. A study published in the Journal of The American Dental Association showed the high correlation between a mother’s oral health and their child’s. Dentists recommend that pregnant women pay close attention to their oral health in order to minimize any health… Read more »

Dental Care While Traveling

Dental Care While Traveling

Dental Care Tips for Travelers Maintaining proper dental care, especially while traveling, can be difficult. Who’s really thinking about flossing and picking while traveling abroad or out on a 10-day hike? Well here’s some tips & tricks to staying prevention oriented while enjoying your summer adventures Pack Properly: Everyone’s favorite part of travel, packing. Within… Read more »

The Magic of CEREC | Same Day Crowns

What is CEREC? With the revolutionary technology of the CEREC machine, dentists are now able to complete dental crowns in just one appointment. CEREC is an acronym for Chair-side Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics or CEramic REConstruction. This machine uses 3D scans to create ceramic inlays, onlays and crowns to create a perfect representation of your teeth…. Read more »

Understanding Explanation of Benefits

Knowing What You Pay For Visiting the doctor can be a stressful experience. Whether you scheduled an appointment because of an ailment, or you are there for a wellness-check, the doctor’s office tends to make people feel vulnerable. With changing healthcare regulations and insurance policies, understanding the costs related to visiting the doctor can help… Read more »


Stem Cell Recovery StemSave™ stem cell banking offers you and your family a unique stem cell recovery and cryopreservation service, in the event of future injury or disease. Stem cells are unique because they drive the natural healing process throughout your body. For instance, stem cells are different from other cells in the body because… Read more »

Invisalign at a Glance

   Welcome to our Invisalign Campaign quick-look. We’ve created this pamphlet for those interested in an alternative to metal braces. Check out the each link to find out more detailed information. What is Invisalign and how does it work? The Invisalign System is a series of clear orthodontic appliances, called aligners that allow you to… Read more »

How Important is Flossing?

Importance of flossing and inter-dental care To most, flossing is one of the most tedious parts of oral hygiene – but it is also one of the most beneficial for preventative home care. At the Smile Institute we emphasize the importance of flossing daily, as it is essential to maintaining good oral heath. Knowing the… Read more »

May Newsletter | Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers At the Smile Institute we care about providing our patients with the smile they deserve. One of our favorite treatments is outfitting patients with porcelain veneers; it’s amazing to see the complete makeover that they can provide. Because we have our own dental lab we can provide you with porcelain veneers quickly and conveniently. Take… Read more »