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Can I Still Play Sports While Wearing Dental Braces?

With winter approaching and with it comes a plethora of outdoor activities, including sports. If you wear dental braces, there are certain precautions you should take. Conventional dental braces can poke and scratch at the inside of your mouth. They can also sustain damage during sports or direct contact activities. But that doesn’t mean you… Read more »

A Great Smile: Traditional Orthodontics vs. Invisalign

Orthodontics and Invisalign: Great Smile Equals Great Life Everybody wants to look good and feel their best. It’s a common fact that having a great smile has an enormous impact on an increased confidence level. A higher confidence surely impacts on your business and personal success which is a key component to your happiness. We… Read more »

Seasonal Sensitivity, Noticing Changes in Your Oral Health

Why are my teeth more sensitive in the Fall? With the change in weather, you may notice that your teeth are more sensitive. They may be sensitive to the cold air, or maybe you notice sensitivity when you are enjoying a nice hot cup of tea. From infection to tooth damage, the variety of effect… Read more »

How to Pick a Toothbrush

How do you know which brush is right for you? With all the toothbrush options available, it is hard to know which one will best affect your oral health. The number of toothbrush options may be overwhelming, but there are several criteria that can be observed to select the best option for you. Essentially, finding… Read more »

Dental Care During Pregnancy

A mother’s dental health is a pretty accurate predictor of the newborn’s oral health. A study published in the Journal of The American Dental Association showed the high correlation between a mother’s oral health and their child’s. Dentists recommend that pregnant women pay close attention to their oral health in order to minimize any health… Read more »

Why Smiles Matter

Smiling is the easiest way of grabbing attention from a person. Whether it’s someone you are familiar with or a stranger, smiling can help you create a positive first impression. This helps keep the other person engaged in conversation with you. Smiles can be enhanced with a proper dental hygiene routine and cosmetic dentistry. All… Read more »

Orthodontics for Children

When Should Parents Get Orthodontics for Children? In the United States and Canada, almost 4 million people ages 18 and younger are wearing some form of corrective dental treatment. However, according to the National Institutes of Health, most maligned bites are minor and do not need any form of treatment at all. This is why… Read more »

Common Injuries during Summer Rafting

Injuries that Can Occur from River Rafting As an extreme water-sport, river rafting can be the cause of dental emergencies as well as other injuries. If you want to enjoy river rafting but are concerned about your dental health, here are some things you should know. River Rafting in Eugene Eugene boasts three prominent rivers… Read more »

Fun Facts about Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene Facts We’ve compiled a list of fun and random oral hygiene facts that we’d love to share with you. Furthering patient education is important to us, so we thought we’d bring you some fun and interesting information related to oral hygiene The average person produces a quart of saliva each day, which can… Read more »