Compare Favorite Summer Treats for Teeth

happy kid eating ice cream

Compare Favorite Summer Treats for Teeth

kid-eating-ice-creamOn a hot summer day, nothing is better than a cool summer treat. If you are a mom worried about your kid’s teeth (and if you are already thinking ahead to your child’s next dental exam with Dr. Rich Smith at the Smile Institute), you may be wondering which summer treat is best to offer your kids to help them cool down.

Ice Cream

Ice cream has calcium, which is good for teeth, but it is also high in sugar. If you are concerned about your kids getting too much sugar, switch to a low-sugar or sugar-free brand.

Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt sounds healthy, but many kinds of frozen yogurt are actually just made of ice cream with a little bit of yogurt thrown in. Frozen yogurt, like ice cream, is very high in sugar.

Snow Cones

This treat may seem pretty harmless, but the syrup they use to flavor the ice can be very high in sugar — one type of syrup that is typically used contains 18 grams of sugar in one 1-ounce serving!

If you are concerned about the sugar in a snow cone, there are healthy ways you can make them at home. Instead of using the sugary syrup, use 100% fruit juice, nutritious milk (which gives the snow cone a delicious, creamy texture), or even some cold tea or coffee.


Regular popsicles are loaded with sugar, and the dyes that are used to color them may stain teeth. Because people don’t usually bite into a popsicle and finish it off quickly, this means that your teeth are exposed to the sugars and the dyes for awhile. If you are concerned about having that sugar in contact with your teeth, there are, luckily, sugar-free popsicles available.


On a hot day, it may seem like a great idea to grab a piece of ice to chew on. However, chewing ice can lead to a cracked tooth. If you have to use ice to cool down, try sucking on a small piece instead of chewing it.


Does summertime bring out the kid in you? If so you may decide to head on down to your favorite mini-mart for a Slurpee right along with your kids. Although this is cool and refreshing on a hot day, it is also extremely high in sugar.


If you are craving a treat that won’t make your dentist cringe, your best bet may be a smoothie that you make in your very own home. Put some milk, regular yogurt, yummy summer fruit, and some ice in the blender for a delicious, cool treat that is good for teeth.

Cool summer treats are part of the fun of summer! If you are worried about the amount of sugar in these treats, try to get the low-sugar type, or make a treat at home using nutritious foods.

When having your summer fun, don’t forget to take care of your teeth! Brush, floss, and visit Dr. Smith at the Smile Institute! Call (541) 484-1955 to make an appointment today!